Energy performance certification of a building is a process during which the energy consumption of a building is determined, the energy performance of the building is assessed by assigning the building an energy performance class which leads to a building energy performance certificate (energy certificate) being issued. In the building certificate, the energy performance classes are divided from G lowest to A ++ highest.


  • An energy certificate for buildings is required for the construction, sale or rental of buildings. The builder (customer) or owner of a building shall provide the buyer or tenant with an energy performance certificate for the building, the validity of which shall not exceed 10 years.
  • The building certificate is also required when selling or renting parts of the building (apartments, separate use premises for other purposes); in this case, the energy performance certificate for a part of the building may be issued on the basis of a certificate for the whole building with a common heating system or a certificate for the same apartment in the same multi-apartment building;
  • For hotel, administrative, commercial, service, catering, transport, cultural, scientific, medical and recreational buildings with a useful floor area of more than 250 square meters. In these buildings, the energy certificate of the building, which is not older than 10 years, must be displayed in a clearly visible place. 

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